Interesting statistics about gun ownership in the US

Ukrainians are often told that they are not ready for free access to firearms

and that having them in the hands of the population will lead to an increase in crime and murder.
Americans have also been told similar tales for years, but everything falls into place when the facts are supported by numbers and statistics. We suggest you consider the infographic, which debunks the myth that “weapons are the cause of all evil.”

In the US, firearms are most often used for self-defense.

Of course, it is also used for intentional murders, suicides, and sometimes it appears in accidents due to carelessness.
However, there are 80 times more cases where guns are used to protect life, rather than to take it. For example, more than 200,000 women used weapons to protect themselves from rapists. In general, 3 out of 5 interviewed criminals admitted that they would not contact an armed victim.
Another fact, at the expense of the fact that the more weapons are the better, is the possession statistics. Americans own 270 million civilian firearms, and the United States ranks first in the world in terms of the number of guns per capita. There are 88.8 weapons per 100 people.
For example, in Yemen this figure is 54.8, in Switzerland – 45.7, in Finland – 45.3. But the highest homicide rate per capita is, surprisingly, not in the US, but in Honduras. There are 91.6 murders per 100,000 people there per year, in El Salvador – 69.2, in Ivory Coast – 56.9, in Jamaica – 52.2, in the USA – only 4.8.
According to a report that was published in the scientific journal “Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy”, there is a negative correlation between gun ownership and the number of serious crimes committed, in other words: more guns = less crime. In countries with strict gun laws, the homicide rate exceeds similar indicators in countries with free circulation of weapons. For comparison, the nine European countries with the least number of guns per population have three times as many murders as the nine European countries with the most guns per population.
For example, despite the fact that possession of short-barreled weapons is prohibited in England, England bears the title of the “bloodiest country” in the EU. There are 2,034 serious crimes per 100,000 population per year. In the US, this number is 466.
In 1997, after Labor came to power and introduced the gun ban, the number of incidents of violence increased by 77% in 10 years. The most common weapon used in these attacks is a kitchen knife, so a group of British doctors even proposed a ban on long, sharp kitchen knives.
According to FBI statistics, states that allow concealed carry saw a decrease in homicide (by 8.5%), rape (by 5%), aggravated assault (by 7%), and robbery (by 3%).
According to hoplophobes, in order for the population to feel safe, it is necessary to create more “gun-free zones”. But they keep silent about one fact: except for one case, in the USA since 1950, all acts of mass murder have occurred precisely in “gun-free zones.” Despite strict gun laws, 3 of the 6 worst school massacres occurred in Europe.
In addition, armed citizens are better at dealing with criminals than police officers: there are 794,000 police officers in the United States, and 80 million armed citizens. The percentage of errors they make is 11 and 2, respectively.
The number of victims of psychos who commit mass murders also shows that armed citizens are more effective than police officers: when an armed citizen is among the likely victims, the psycho, on average, manages to commit 2.3 murders (against 14.3 when all victims are unarmed). The number of criminals killed by policemen was 606, and armed citizens were 1,527.

One last fact:

in 1982, the city of Kennesaw, Georgia passed a law requiring all households to have firearms for self-defense. The number of house robberies immediately decreased by 88%. And today, the number of violent crimes in this city is 85% lower than the national average. What is better: to do as the authorities of the city of Kennesaw, where criminals do not dare to contact armed citizens, or to create “gun-free zones” “, where people are shot like banks in a shooting range?